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Kilted Connection

Our Signature Blend is a perfect harmony / connection of Peru and Honduras coffees, creating a complex yet smooth cup. It exhibits tasting notes of hazelnut, chocolate & grapefruit making it an ideal choice for any speciality coffee connoisseur.


60% Peru / 40 % Honduras. 

Peru Coffee Details
FARM OWNER:  Various Smallholders
ORIGIN:  Haul, Jaen, Cajamarca
ALTITUDE: 1200 - 2100 masl.
PROCESS: Washed.
VARIETY:  Bourbon, Pache & CatturaSCA CUP SCORE:  85.25
CUP PROFILE:  Apricot, Almonds and Brown Sugar.


Honduras Coffee Details
FARM OWNER:  Hugo Abraham Alvarado.
ORIGIN:  El Lesquin, La Union, HONDURAS
ALTITUDE:  1,400 masl
PROCESS:  Natural
VARIETY:  Lempira
CUP PROFILE:  Grape with dark chocolate & almond