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Kilted Coffee's Story

Where it all began...

ORIGIN:     Aberdeenshire, Scotland

As you may or may not know i (Paul) work offshore and one of the perks of working in the oil and gas industry is the time off. I work on rotation: two weeks on, three weeks off (jammy, I know). So when I’m at home, I get to spend a lot of time catching up with friends and family over a fine brew of coffee – and these days I spend just as much time making it! Drink enough of it and you’ll start to get a taste for the stuff. Over these catch-ups I began to develop a taste for speciality coffee, and before long I was seeking out the best places in my local area to go for a good cup of coffee.

I’d often head down to Glasgow and Edinburgh, where the coffee scene was buzzing, and the quality of flavours was incredible. The big draw for me was the passion people had for their coffee – you’d get to hear all about where it had come from and how it’d been made. My work in the oil and gas industry involves looking at processes and systems, so that whole side of actually making coffee was fascinating to me. A keen coffee bean, I found myself going off and researching how it was processed, the varietals, the different roasting types, and everything else that goes into creating the beautiful taste of coffee… and I couldn’t wait to start roasting my very own.


A roast by any other name…

… wouldn’t sound anywhere near as good as Kilted Coffee! I knew all along that I wanted to bring something Scottish into the name and branding of the company – I was born and raised in the North East. After a family meal one evening, it was my mother-in-law who suggested “Kilted Coffee.” As soon as I heard it, I knew we had our name.


Tartan it up

You might think the tartans on our packaging are random nice-looking designs we’ve found online. Not at all. We search meticulously to find tartans that match and complement the colours of flags from the coffee farmers’ own countries of origin. I like to think that the farmers we work with would be proud to have their country’s colours branded on the front of our packaging, thousands of miles away in bonny Scotland.